We’re sorry to announce that Gryphon Venues will not be running at the 2015 Fringe. We’re in the process of reorganizing, and we plan to come back for the 2016 Fringe stronger than ever!


Performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe can be a very daunting operation. Here at Gryphon, we try to make the approach as simple and stress-free as possible, from the day of your application. You will be contacted by one of our directors, and we will always be ready to help with anything you need–from technical things from your show to where to find something good to eat near the venue.

Many Fringe venues use a split-with-guarantee method. At Gryphon, we prefer a straight hire fee. You’ll know up front how much you’ll need to pay for your venue hire, and know that all your box office takings come back to you after the festival. Nothing is hidden here.

Why should you pick Gryphon as the venue for your Edinburgh Fringe performance? Here’s what some of our past performers have to say about their experience with us.