We at Gryphon are proud to provide a professional, friendly, performer-centered Fringe venue environment. Our focus is on supporting independent artists, and it always will be. Here are some things our performers have had to say about us.

I liked the fact that they were a nonprofit group and asked for a set fee up front rather than a split with guarantee because I knew what we would be spending… Overall, they gave me a feeling of confidence I don’t think I’d have a lot of other places. –Chris Harcum, The American Gun Show, 2013

We had a great time at the venue.  You have the most positive group of people at Gryphon–such a warm welcome and helpful attitude.  Nothing seemed to be too much trouble–you made the whole process so easy.  Thank you.  –Fiona Ross, The Yellow Wallpaper, 2012

I wish you weren’t all such lovely people, because then I’d drink less.  –Alan Keegan, Irreconcilable Differences, 2012

My experience at Gryphon was superb.  The first and most important thing that must be mentioned is the helpfulness and friendliness of all of the staff.  From beginning to end, everyone was willing to assist in any way they could (even if it was just listening to me ramble on in a gap between shows!), and that makes everything about such a venture as putting on an Edinburgh show infinitely more enjoyable and easier.  –David Kingsmill, TL Musical Theatre, Hitler! The Musical, 2011

We were very happy with the venue and will certainly come back next year if we have a show (which we hope to).  All the Gryphon staff were really friendly and helpful and your technical expertise was much appreciated.  –Laurence Toczek, Spud Theatre, Trainspotting, 2011

All the Gryphon staff were very helpful, polite, accommodating and pleasant to work with. The venue as a whole as well as both spaces were also great!  –Jay Oliver Yip, Hammerpuzzle, The Tempest, 2011