Gryphon 1 is an 80-seat end-on black box theatre space at our Bread Street location. It is ideally suited for theatre, but we have also welcomed dance companies, music, and magic.

• Stage dimensions: 6.5m wide, 3.5m deep. Ceiling height 2.9m. Stage is at floor level with black marley (vinyl dance flooring) surface. Entrances are at downstage left and right; full upstage crossover and backstage access to storage/dressing area.

• Lighting: warm and cold front wash; high side light; LED color-changing backlight and downlight; two refocusable profile specials. Additional lanterns may be rigged on request and at cost; additional dimmers may be available to add your lanterns. Zero88 Jester ML console (24/48, cues or submasters).

• Audio: 32-channel mixing desk with dual pro CD players, laptop/MP3 player inputs; powered Mackie speakers; SM58 vocal mic and DI boxes available on request.

• Projection: front projection available for use on your projection surface at a small additional charge.

• Tech booth/box: at rear of audience seating; full view of stage.

• Audience seating: 80 seats in seven rows. First row is on the floor; back two rows are on same level. Rise between raked levels is 15cm. Wheelchair accessible.

G1 stage

G1 audience


20140813 Paradise Lost - JB Knibbs 120140823 Freedom Family Circus - JB Knibbs20140822 Odd shaped balls - JB Knibbs 5